• Shipping

    We gladly ship world wide by air, or by ground transportation with Randy Smith our Pet Transporter of choice tailwagonpettransport@yahoo.com for a shipping fee.

    Our fee is approximately $350 depending on where your new baby will be shipped.

    Here are some very important care instructions for your new precious puppy. Please review and print them so you will have them on hand.

    Prior to receiving your Yorkie Puppy we recommend you visit our Puppy Check List page and make sure you have all the necessities for your new Yorkshire Terrier Puppy.

    1.¬†“Orijen” Puppy kibble

    2. Science Diet canned or Evangers chicken wet puppy food

    3. A tube of Nutri Cal or Nutri Stat vitamin supplement.

    4. An appointment with a veterinarian to have a well Puppy check within 48 hours after receiving your Puppy. (Best if you call ahead a few days to schedule the appointment to ensure the Puppy will be checked within 48 hours of arriving at their new home).

    5. Chew toys,squeeky toys, a special bed or cushion to keep in your new crate so your puppy will always have a safe haven to relax in. This is their special place, their “den”.

    Important information about transport and change of environment stress:
    Sometimes stress can trigger conditions such as Coccidia and Giarida if being transported by airplane or automobile. Such conditions can be treated with simple medications like Albon, Flaygl and Sulfatrim. A follow up with your vet within 48 hours can easily detect if any of these conditions exist.

    Please make sure your new puppy eats and drinks plenty of food and water for the first few days. A tube of Nutri Cal is invalueable if a puppy doesn’t eat as well as he/she should.

    We wean our puppies onto “Orijen” Puppy kibble ¬†depending on the puppy and mix with Kirkland chicken puppy dry food with a little water and a teaspoon of Evangers beef or chicken wet food (which you shouldn’t need anymore after the first week of arrival).

    If you want to switch to another food, you want a few days to one weeks time of mixing the stater food with your new food of choice tp prevent diarrhea and/or loose stool. Other good quality foods include:  Earthborne, Taste of the wild, Innova Evo and Natural Balance.