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    Pet Pal Sitting Service
    “PARTI GIRL” is one of our puppies we whelped that was purchased by Leslie of Hunnington Beach and is now a special client!

    We are licensed and insured

    Here at Pet Pal Sitting Service we will love and play with your pet to insure security while you and your pet are temperarly separated. We promsie to make your pet feel right at home. We ask that your pet is fully vaccinated and groomed prior to arrival but if you are pressed for time, we will provide these services to you for a nominal fee. We ask that you bring your pets bed/crate and food to keep your pet on his/her regular routine as much as possible to ensure comfort and relaxation during their stay.

    We have plenty of references available. Contact us today to make a reservation.

    Pet Sitting Prices are included as follows:

    $35.00 per day and $25.00 each additional per pet per day including over night stay. You need your rabies cert. If your 3 year vaccination is required, it will be a $20.00 donation for DA2PPv+Cv. If a bath is required or desired at the time of drop off, it will be a $25.00 charge for each pet including conditioning shampoo and conditioner, nails, ears, anal glans and teeth cleaned. We will provide a hair cut if requested for an additional charge ranging from $20.00 to 35.00 depending on the cut. We welcome horses, rodents, reptiles, fish etc. We look forward to providing extra special care for your animal friends! Don’t hesitate to call us for a reservation today.