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    Young Yorkshire Terrier Adults looking for new loving permanent homes. Whether these little cuties were turned in or listed on my site from a local person who must turn in their pet, every pet comes with a history and will have the proper veterinary care prior to be placed in the proper home. Here at “Pet Pal Rescue” we match the canine companion to who we see fit. Your dog will be spayed or neutered prior to being placed in the right home.

    Most dogs are Yorkshire Terriers but we also have other breeds and most are non-shedding, crate trained, travel well, love people and are small lap dogs.

    We require an adoption fee of FREE to $2,000 range depending on the dog and he/shes situation to cover vet costs etc. Veterinary care receipt provided. What we need to spend is what you pay.

    All donations are greatly appreciated. All monetary donations must be checks or money orders made out to Dr. Butchko for a credit to cover deep teeth cleaning, spay/neuter and any others surgeries necessary for rescue dogs only. Any dog food, bedding, towels, travel crate donations are helpful as well to send with the new owners of their pets. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in assisting.

    ~ Pet Pal Rescue


    Surrender Agreement
    Pet Pal Rescue wants to help Toy Breeds who can no longer be cared for by their owners. Our primary mission, is to rescue those who are in shelters and whose original guardians have abandoned or rejected them, rather than families who may have not made provisions for dogs in their care or in the care of other family members. As a result we look very carefully at every surrender application that is submitted and evaluate each on the basis of the application itself.

    Our surrender fee is assessed on a case by case basis ranges depending on the age and health status of the dog. Our fees start at $150.00. If you are requesting that Pet Pal Rescue consider your dog, he or she should be clean, up to date with shots, spayed or neutered, and ready to become a part of a forever family. We will contact you to arrange a time to evaluate your dog – and will advise you of the surrender fee after evaluating your dog. And, unlike some other groups, we do not separate a bonded pair generally. Additionally, with a bonded pair, there is a surrender fee for each dog.

    We’ll need some pictures of the dog you want to surrender. Ideally, pictures should be taken in natural lighting,  in a well lit room or outdoors. Try to get some pictures while he/she is active (such as romping in the yard, riding in the car or playing with a toy.) A snuggly shot or two would also be good to include. Try to avoid taking pictures looking down at him/her. (It’s best to keep your camera at eye level with your dog.) Please send pictures in their original, uncropped resolution via email to: sweetyorkiekisses@yahoo.com.

    My friend Kim has a pregnant Biewer Yorkie for sale $1500 – CONTACT ME for more info

    Healthy Biewer male in need of rehoming
    $2500 – CONTACT ME for more info

    My handsome grandson Keanu loves to help with our pets and our rescues. He helps them feel right at home!