• Yorkie Teacup Hypoglycemia

    Hypoglycemia is not a disease it’s a condition caused by the owner who forgot to treat the new puppy like a newborn infant. Forgive me for being straight forward but sometimes you need to force feed your teacup yorkie especially for the first 4 days or so due to environmental shock, your puppy most likely will not eat and could die!

    Low Blood Sugar Solutions
    Hypoglycemia: This condition is caused by low blood sugar, It occurs mainly in small breeds such as Tea Cup puppies between 6 and 25 weeks of age also in dams that are nursing. Often it is precipitated by stress. The first signs are weakness or depression lack or puppy will just sleep and not want to eat. This can occur if puppy has missed meals or has had too much activity. This is followed by muscular weakness, tremors (especially in the facial muscles) and later, seizures convulsions),coma and death. This entire sequence is not always seen and puppy will appear to be just tired or asleep. The teacup puppy may appear to be depressed, or he may be weak wobbly and jerky or he may be found in a coma. Give Karo syrup and Nutri-Stat asap! Check your teacup puppy’s gum color. It should be bright pink all the time! If it is gray, blue or white in color please give your puppy Karo syrup or a tablespoon sugar and water.

    Hypoglycemia can occur without warning when a puppy is placed in a new home. It might appear after a puppy misses a meal, becomes chilled, becomes exhausted from too much playing, or has a digestive upset. Upsets place an added strain on the energy reserves of the liver and bring on symptoms if the puppy is susceptible. Puppies who are fed human food rather than a quality puppy food are more likely to develop hypoglycemia.
    Their diet is deficient in certain ingredients needed to sustain the liver. Puppies may also just forget to eat! It is important to make sure your puppy is eating every 2 hours for the first week or two, then a very minimum of 4 times a day for 5 months. Kibble(dry food) and water should be placed where puppy can get to it at all times. Check to see if puppy has eaten his/her food. If puppy has not eaten then you need to give puppy his food by hand and/or by syringe. Make sure puppy eats!!! Baby food is a good meal to give puppy so is chicken and rice. If your puppy does not want to eat seek medial attention immediately and
    give Karo Syrup immediately to puppy.

    Toy and small breeds of puppies have limited body energy reserves and an immature mechanism for breaking down large sugar complexes into smaller, more usable, short chain sugars. They also have a higher metabolic demand for sugar. Puppies lack the feedback mechanism between the blood and the liver. In the puppy, when the blood glucose levels fall below a certain point the liver will not start to increase conversion of food to to useable blood sugar like it would in an adult dog.

    Hypoglycemia treatment is directed at restoring blood levels of glucose. Begin at once prolonged or repeated attacks can cause permanent damage to the brain.If the puppy is awake give him Karo Syrup, honey, or sugar in water by mouth. He will begin to improve in 30 minutes. When he is unconscious, he will have to be given a Dextrose solution intravenously. It may be necessary to treat for swelling of the brain. A veterinarian should be called at once. Prevent recurrent attacks by feeding high quality kibble diet, and add a little Karo syrup into her water. See that the puppy eats and drinks regularly. Don’t assume he is eating and drinking regularly. Food and water must be available at all time!!!!!!!!